Barnhart, Gwendolyn. “The Stigma of HIV/AIDS.” Dec. 2014

Gwendolyn Barnhart, a doctoral student claims that, “HIV/AIDS-related stigma exerts a direct negative impact on the health of those who have HIV.” In this paper she gives evidence by using quotes from psychologists and other papers directed towards the topic of AIDS to support her claims. Her purpose in writing this paper, was not only to inform readers of the different stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS but to encourage readers to honor the ones who have passed from this disease “by getting tested, using necessary precautions, and educating ourselves about the facts and not by letting bias, misconceptions, and rumors drive our actions and perceptions.” Her intended audience are well-educated people and those who may be interested in psychology. Psychologist who may have a patient with this disease may find this paper helpful to know the stigmas this person normally faces, so that the psychologist won’t put those same stigmas on him.

Throughout Barnhart’s paper she uses examples, such as Ryan White which relates to Gonzalez through their experience with the disease as teenagers. She uses Magic Johnson, which relates to Gonzalez because he was an athlete as well.  These different stigmas are things that anyone with HIV/AIDS dealt with. Everyone with the disease are dealing with the same stigmas; together.

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