Reviewing HIV/AIDS in the U.S Military

I like that she was detailed in her first paragraph giving us a overview of the important things from her panel. She could word it differently in her first paragraph, it was a little hard to follow. But, I really enjoyed the second paragraph and how she lets us in on exactly what questions she wanted answered through her research and gives us an idea of what we can expect to read about in this post. The 3rd paragraph gave readers direct insight to exactly what and how she is going to talk about this culture and the epidemic. Well spoken.

I like how she gave us background information, leading up to the points she wanted to make. She was very detailed in her evidence. She didn’t just give us two examples she gave us a long list of instances and situations that has happened as time progressed. Her evidence is basically a timeline of the way things have progressed throughout time, dating from 1916 to 2010. She sets the timeline up in a way that sets up the big event of Bill Clinton raising the ban. This was a big event because it was a huge turning point for both groups she is talking about; LGB people and the military.

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