Different Angles While Conveying ONE Message

In the Ball text, What are Multimodal Projects, readers are given new ways to communicate their ideas. Some ways were not as evident as others as far as what would be considered a multimodal project. For example, performances are considered a text, this is not something that many people would consider to be a way of communicating an idea or to convey a message to someone else. In relevance to the Golden Record article, we see many different ways that one message can continue to change throughout time depending on what is relevant in society at that time. It may create readers to think, “If the way things are presented are based off of what people are interested in, what were the ways people were reached before it changed for our interests?”
Things that have a sort of exclusivity to them are sometimes scarce, but through the different multimodal modes it is now a way to preserve those natural parts and still be able to display the message to your audiences. Through reading these two articles, I found that some things that we find to be interesting were altered specifically for our interest and emotions. I also learned that there are many different ways to display a message outside of just writing a scholarly article. It raised one major question for me, “How I could start to incorporate these different modes in order to reach different interests, but still getting that one message across.

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