Remembering Andrew Lowry

The Quilt

This panel is the average size of all the panels, 3 feet by 6 feet. This panel is positioned toward the bottom middle of this particular block. It is placed in a horizontal form, with two panels above it and one panel below. There is also one panel to the right and left of this panel.

The block number of this panel is #5873. This quilt was created in June 2011 by his bestfriend.  The Names Project was created in 1985, which shows why the block number is so high and also that this panel is fairly new in their collection.

This panel is fairly simple, but filled with many different colors, patterns, and pictures.I will describe this panel to you starting from the top to the bottom. There is no significance of my order of descriptions.

This panel is commemorating Andrew Lowry.


The background of this panel has a sheet-like feeling and is royal blue. This royal blue reminds me of being at sea looking out at the pure blue water. There is no border around this quilt.

In the middle are  block letters spelling out “Andrew Lowry”. The “A” and “L” are approximately 4 inches long. The other letters are about 2 inches long. But, these letters aren’t just plain colored letters. They have patterns inside of them. Some have a light blue and yellow checkered pattern, some have a navy blue and yellow checkered pattern, and some have a combination of both along with some red squares as well. There is orange stitching around the edges of these letters.

Under his name there are numbers signifying his date of birth (11/22/69) and his date of death (6/21/06). The numbers are also block numbers. They have an orange trim of stitching on the outside with a sky blue inside. The blue you see when you look in the sky. In the middle of these two dates is a diamond, which has blue and red checkered pattern inside.

The Game

At the top of the panel there is a scrabble game; a connected scrabble game. There are 7 words in this game. Going down, vertical, are the words: FRIEND, ATLANTA, ORIGAMI, and BACKSTREET. Going across, horizontal, are the words: BLUE BOY, ARTIST, and DISNEY.

These pieces are not the actual pieces from the game. These pieces are stitched on, using tan thread.

Under the game, above the “W’ in “Lowry”, there is a black and white query code. 


Ont he bottom left-hand corner of this panel, there is a royal blue material. When I touched this it felt to me lke a dog with thick fur. Still soft, but thick. The part of the material that is not in the corners, is not a straight line. This pattern of cutting has curves. It gives me water vibes, waves.

Inside of this royal blue material, are 3 circles. Two of the circles are at the top of this material and the other is towards the bottom left corner of the quilt. The two at the top are different sizes. The larger circle has a diameter of 3 inches. The smaller has a diameter of a little over 1 inch. The circle in the corner is the same size as the smaller circle. All of these circles have a different material than the thick dog fur material. When I touched this material it felt more like soft dog fur. They also have blue stitching around the edges of the circles. Inside of these circles I found another pattern. They have many light blue circles inside of them, some are open circles, some are filled circles.

On the edge of the curve cut material, there is a black and white picture. This picture has, what appears to be, three white men. The one on the far left of the picture is wearing glasses and smiling; showing teeth. The man in the middle is smirking and the man in the far right has his mouth open, as if he is laughing hysterically.


There are a total of four picture transfers on this quilt. One of which, I just described.  They are placed inside of a circle, the royal blue circles with light blue circles inside the circle and sky blue stitching.

Above the “A” in Andrew is a black and white picture with two people inside. Towards the bottom right corner there is another black and white picture of a man smiling. The last picture was one that grasped my attention. There is a colored picture of a man and he is dressed up in a costume. He has on big pinkish looking glasses and the frames are dark. His head gear is sky blue with darker blue lines. One line is going horizontal and below that line is a vertical line. Above the horizontal line are three blue dots leading up to what appears to be pink, ball. This ball is on the top of his head. 

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