Reading Response

In both, Haltman and Maquire, texts it is made evident that writing is not merely about stating the facts. Although, the two texts have two completely different approaches; they both give off the same ideas.

In order to give a good overview of anything, whether it be an image or a linguistic text, you must give a great description of it. They both state that it is not always about the direct information about something, but rather a more visual representation of it.  In both text it is suggested for students to use more nouns, verbs, adjective, etc. because this is what makes a good analysis of things, regardless of what it is. Using these types of descriptive words will give fellow classmates or your audience something to connect to. Sometimes essays can start to become dull, hard to read, and repetitive because students are constantly trying to sound “politically correct”. Haltman and Maguire suggest that students should give people a bridge to the text/image and reality. You can be descriptive, or as Maguire says ‘use things that you can “drop on your feet”‘, and still please all audiences.  It’s easier for others to comprehend your work when you are writing about something they can relate to.

Haltman stresses that while doing so, you want your text to  remain unbiased. You do not want to give readers’ your personal opinion, which is why you use antics like describing the text or the object. This leaves room for readers to still be able to form their own opinions without already choosing sides. There have been many times I have read something, never knowing anything about it prior to reading and once I am done I find myself either siding with or against the writer.

To sum it all up, when giving an analysis on something using more descriptive words will result in a better essay. It will also give readers something a little more interesting to read.