Classwork 1/30

a) Cosmos Crayon, is about how some archaeologists have come across a crayon like object. They are assuming by its structure that it was something used for writing by early settlers.

b) The interesting thing about this article is that they are making assumptions merely off of the physical object, but not much research has been done pertaining to the object. Its also interesting to see that this may have been a form of communication before our way of communicating.

c) Is this something that was actually used for writing? Why is it assumed to be a crayon? Will more research be done?

d) “Other Findings” is something you are able to click on which will direct you to another page. This gives you the opportunity to look at what else has been found.

2.   a) The people who look deeper into something are more likely to give off a description that actually exemplifies what it is, without using the actual object. (These are implications)

Paraphrase: “Objects carry more meaning than their face value. If you analyze them you can learn about the culture from which they come.”